Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, Inc.

We welcome everyone to meetings and we encourage attendees to bring artifacts. Several of our members are professional archaeologists and each has a specialty that can help in artifact identification.

It is not necessary to be an archaeologist to attend our meetings or to join our Chapter. You only need to be interested in history and archaeology.

It is not necessary to be an archaeologist to join the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology. The membership of SPA is comprised of both professional and avocational archaeologists. Many other scientific disciplines and professions are also represented in the SPA membership.

Ohio Valley Chapter 22 of SPA Officers:

 President:           Laura DeYoung

Vice President:     Aksel Casson

Secretary:           Amanda Valko

Treasurer:                 Brian Fritz

Board of Directors:

Bob Mikolas 2012-2016

Tom Snyder 2012-2016

Donna Smith 2014-2018

Ron Miller 2014-2018